Announcement: Delay in support until November 24th, 2014

Dear our loved customers,    This notification is to inform you about the delay in our support service until November 24th, 2014.    In 03 days from November 21st to November 23rd, we’ll have a company trip which can be considered as a paid holidays for all employees in the whole company after a hard working year. During this period, our support service will be slower than usual. We understand that the break would cause some inconvenience for you and we’ll try our best

Taking your business to a new level with ClassifiedEngine 1.8

WooCommerce We know that payment is one of important steps of your purchasing process. Normally, E-commerce websites will allow payments from credit cards and banks through payment gateways from all over the world. But still, some are limited and only available in some specific countries. So, it is very necessary to have a payment support for your global customers. WooCommerce Plugin is compatible with ClassifiedEngine (CE). You can utilize this plugin to activate multiple gateways at once thus, your customers